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About Us

Awakening Heart in Salt Lake City, UT offers items which serve as your haven for body, mind, and spirit.We offer daily psychic and palm readings, astrology charts, aura photos and readings, Reiki healing classes, personalized Reiki energy sessions, spiritual life coaching, and meditation classes. Let us provide you prompt and exceptional service at a reasonable rate.


Our Story

I always knew that I would someday have my own business. In 1997, everything fell into place in a very short period of time. The exact space I wanted suddenly became available for the store I was planning. It was as if the universe opened up and said, "This is the next step for you. Are you willing to go for it?" It was a big step, since I had never been without a steady paycheck each week. However, I knew that this was the right thing for me, and so my husband and I signed the papers for the lease. Here we are 15 years later still doing what we love to do: helping our wonderful customers and friends along their life journeys in whatever way that we can. Thank you to all our customers. We are very grateful for your support as well (It is always a two-way street!).

Our Vision

I have always been a seeker of something deeper in my life. When I was going through difficult times, I was introduced to a book called "Seth Speaks." The message of the book was about creating your own reality through your beliefs. At the time, that was a very radical idea. It took me many years to really understand how that concept worked. Eventually, I decided it was time to finally start my own business and be in control of my life the way I wanted. So here I am after 15 years of running my own business, and still seeing how this idea plays out for myself and others. My business is just a reflection of what I am still learning: that you do create your own reality according to the beliefs that you have. I am loving my life now, and know that I am the creator of my life and it is all good!

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