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our psychic readers

AMY- Spiritual Medium

ED- Card Readings

KAY- Tarot Card Readings

By Appointment Only

Amy channels her spirit guides to find the guides of your loved ones. The guides instruct, answer questions and pass on advice. She also communicates with those who have passed on to the other side. She can assist in delivering messages of hope and encouragment to those here on earth.

By Appointment Only

Ed will be offering card readings. This is a great opportunity to try a reading with co-owner Ed Newhouse, as you connect to those benevolent beings who are constantly assisting and guiding you through life. By connecting with your guides, one can gain insight into how to direct one's life path.

Due to covid, phone readings only

Kay is very talented in the art and practice of reading the tarot. She can also share her skills in palm reading with you.

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